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Transport & Logistics


Our container-trucking department can handle all your container loads between the Benelux-Mainports and your shipper/consignee in Benelux, France and Germany. All our trucks are equipped with Satellite tracking and all drivers are handpicked professionals with a passion for their trucks and customers. All have been trained to safely and carefully handle your cargo and documents.
Our equipment can take all regular containertypes, including 45PWHC and hazardous loads. If needed we can also offer sideloaders and tipping chassis.

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Complementary to the existing container-services, ACB Agencies has launched a Road freight department. This department offers fast, reliable and flexible door-to-door solutions per trailer. Combined with our partner-network we can access a fleet of more then 500 vehicles.

We offer: Euroliners, Megatrailers, Taultiners, Top loading semi-trailers, coil trailers, ADR transport, …

We have possibilities for all European destinations. In combination with restuffing in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, we can also offer a good alternative for deepsea import- or exportloads for cargo with origin/destination >300km away from the port;


Complementary to the regular container haulage within a radius of 250-350 kilometer around the Ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam, we specialize in local dock shunts between all main container terminals within the port. This enables our customers to connect with the closing of the deepsea vessel not berthing at the same terminal. Speed and close communication is vital to achieve this. Furthermore we also handle a lot of local port area collections at the different warehouses with a pick and drop possibility of the containers. With a fast response time and a choice between life loading/unloading or a pick & drop service, you can be sure your cargo will be collected-delivered as requested.


From simple reloading ex trailer in container via warehouse to long- term storage projects, the ACB Group has built up extensive warehousing know-how for most commodities.

In additon a wide scope of added value services like temperature & humidity control, order picking, bagging,labelling,palletizing, stripping and stuffing … can supplement any warehousing need.

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